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PJ Summers

Hi! I'm PJ, a video editor working out of Penrith in the Lake District, UK.

I work with clients from across the country, and across the world, taking their shoots and making them into an end product that everyone can be proud of.

Before working in video, I have a background in the theatre, which I find helps with understanding and shaping the narrative of any content, whether that be artistic productions, or more corporate projects.

I made these.

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Experience? Yeah, got that.

With a decade of working professionally in the creative arts, many of those years within the video industry, I have a ripe understanding of what it takes to bring creative video projects to life. 

I have a particular affinity for those projects made specifically for internet distribution - YouTube specifically, but also other social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok, and an understanding of what makes those platforms and their audiences different. I find this knowledge helps shape video content to its intended platform, and thereby increases watch time, views - all of it!



What I Do

From my base up here among the Lakes, I am perfectly set up to edit video content from clients around the world.

With a dedicated gigabit connection, I am able to ingest files from the web incredibly quickly, making remote work so, so easy.

And with great transport links, I can be anywhere in the country within a few hours, for when a physical presence is neeeded.

My editing setup runs on Windows, and predominantly uses the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, but I am not against trying new softwares and workflows - plus I have a Mac ready and waiting to go, should you need me on Apple.

My editing setup is also portable, meaning I can come to you.



Full Production


As we work together, you might also find me under the name "1Five Events & Film". This is because, in addition to being the freelance editor you know, I also do full production videography projects, from conception to shoot to edit to distribute, under my own production company.  We also specialise in live streamed events.

If any of that is something you'd be interested in, please do get in touch!

Let's make videos together.


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